Sunday, October 19, 2008

"And so it begins..."

I have always been a verbal guy. You have heard the phrase "thinking out loud." I have found that talking through something helps me clarify my thoughts. I am mystified that I even want to write a blog. A couple of years ago, blogs were cutting edge. Don't you wish you had a nickle for all the ones that have started -- and already stopped?

On the other hand, I'm at a stage in my life that I want to chronicle some things. I have been doing what I do for, well, a loooong time. It's still strange to have staff who tell me they think of me like a dad.

As to family, my wife and I have three grown kids and at this time three grandkids. Each of my children has done some blogging, but it has been my daughter that has piqued my interest in this endeavor. Her blog is a great place to catch up on her family, hear some very interesting experiences and perhaps find a recipe or two.

Back to me. I have been in ministry my entire adult life, have pastored for almost 28 years and have been in the same church for 22. Our church has moved from a fairly traditional, denominational church to a relatively contemporary place in a post-denominational age. We have relocated, changed our name, and overhauled our way of making decisions. We have been through the pain of a church split, the grief of leaving an old campus and the thrill of being culturally reborn. Our median age has dropped radically, our staff is relationally close and we are passionate to accomplish God's purposes in this life season.

I have some stories to tell...


Cathy said...

I want to be the first to comment on your new "blob". Don't really have anything to say - just want to be first! I LOVE YOU - me

C. Beth said...

Well, lookie what I found! I bet you're dying to know how I found your brand spankin' new blog...and no, Mom didn't tell me about it.

You are, of course, going on my blog roll! Let me know if you'd prefer not to be there, and I'll remove you, but for now I'll assume it's okay since it's a public blog.

Love you!

addhumorandfaith said...

When I started to read Beth's comment, at first glance I thought she had started out, "Well, rookie ...! :)

I have recently discovered Beth's blog and have quickly become a fan of hers, so you come highly recommended. Best wishes with your blog. I'll be checking in.