Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Seventh Day

My friend Ox told me something very interesting the other day. Ox works on Harriers (you know, those jets that take off and land pretty much vertically). Well, Ox said that every 30 engine hours they have to run those jet turbines through a stress test. He said that metal fatigue is a common problem. I asked him how fast those things turn and he said it's about 20,000 r.p.m. at maximum power and you can add to that the speed (400-500 m.p.h.) they are moving through the air. I guess those things need a "Sabbath" after a work week of only 30 hours!

Here's the deal. Those turbines are pipsqueaks compared to some pastors I know. 20,000 revs is a slow idle for some of those "revs." On top of that, they almost never slow down long enough for a health checkup. My pastor friend Manolo from the Dominican has a huge problem with taking on too much and many of his friends are concerned about him. I was down there earlier this month and one of our little team convinced Manolo to go to the beach with us. Manolo grew up next to some of the most beautiful ocean front I've ever seen, but somehow he had felt it was inappropriate to go after he became a pastor -- over 25 years ago! I snapped his picture in shorts
even though he still had his phone glued to his ear.

Manolo got out into the water that afternoon, visibly relaxed and started cracking jokes. I'm certain it wasn't enough to handle all his "metal fatigue," but it was a start and he's coming here soon to stay for several weeks. Hopefully he'll be able to pass a stress test.

I'm writing about this because it's Saturday (to be published tomorrow) and the Seventh Day of this blog. I'm glad the first week is behind me. I am learning A LOT!

AND I slept in this morning. This "Sabbath" thing that God started -- I like it!


C. Beth said...

Assuming you meant you slept in on Saturday when you wrote this. If you slept in Sunday, I might have to question your commitment to ministry. ;)

That's great that Pastor Manolo will be visiting!

I really appreciate that we took vacations as we grew up and that you always took Fridays off; I didn't feel like I was a "ministry orphan."

Sam said...

Thanks, C. Beth! Yes, I slept in on Saturday and not today. I tried to take time off to recharge my batteries. More important, I'll never regret the memories we all carry about time together as a family. They are the best!

Redhead said...

Good, you need it AND deserve it!

Ox said...

We are no different than those engines. If you don't take care of yourself and if you take on to much, you will fly apart just like those turbine blades. Great story Sam!!!!