Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Golden Age

Yesterday my daughter Beth wrote in her blog about watching SciFi Television Series' on Netflix. I wanted to take a minute and respond by telling her (and you) some shows I'd like to see again. Some of them may be in reruns somewhere and one of my kids can look them up. If not, maybe this is my Christmas wish list. Here goes:

1. Jungle Jim.
I watched this highly popular series that no one has ever heard of when I was about 11 or 12 years old. Johnny Weismuller had retired from doing Tarzan movies and shot this series about -- you guessed it -- the jungle. Only this time he wore clothes. And a Safari hat.

2. Branded.
Chuck Connors had retired (sounds like a pattern here) from The Rifleman and played a Civil War soldier falsely accused and "branded" a criminal for the rest of his life. He was the quintessential mistreated good guy you wanted redeemed, but who never quite made it. The show only lasted a season, then (according to Beth's blog), he must have ended up playing a space cowboy on Firefly. (Ooops, never mind. He had alread died.)

3. Mannix.
Joe Mannix was a private detective who chased bad guys every Sunday night. I didn't really watch the show that much, but every time I think about it, the theme gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

4. Mission Impossible.
Yes, I love the movies, too. Except that they had to hire Jon Voight to play Jim Phelps because Peter Graves wouldn't accept the script. Come on -- Jim was one of the best straight-arrow good guys to ever grace a series! AND I think the original show might be my favorite series of all time. At least in my top five. AND, did you know that Peter Graves was the real-life brother of James Arness -- Marshall Dillon of Gunsmoke! I bet holidays were crazy in that family!

5. The Equalizer.
Don't get me these. I watched them until I just couldn't anymore. I loved the show because it was about a hero who helped underdogs against a corrupt system. And it's another theme song I can't get out of my mind.

Weekend fun. What show would you choose?


C. Beth said...

Besides my sci-fi favorites...

The Cosby Show--I have SUCH great memories of looking forward to Thursday night so we could watch this as a family.

Saved by the Bell--I think this may have been the original Saturday-morning live-action comedy geared towards the junior high age group. It was incredibly cheesy, but I sure was invested in the lives and innocent romances of those high school kids.

Friends--Just one of the funniest comedies ever.

The Brady Bunch--We used to come home from school and watch these reruns every day.

Could go on, but I have a grumpy baby.

Scott said...

M*A*S*H - I purchased the series over the years, now my daughter has take it with her because she loves it so much. I guess I'll have to start over again.

Sandra said...

I watched and enjoyed all the ones you mentioned.

My list would have to include; Father Knows Best; The Carol Burnett Show; Leave It To Beaver; The Jack Benny Show; Life of Riley; I Love Lucy and The Andy Griffith Show.