Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Indescribably Delicious!

When my daughter Beth wrote yesterday about Chickie's flirtation with temptation, I laughed. I've had many of those charming conversations with myself...

"Just one peek!"
"Just one more game!"
"Just one more Old Fashioned Candy Cane Creme Flavored Oreo!"

In fact, "Just one more push of the 'snooze button'" meant I had to take a college class just one more time. But that's another story.

Those temptations we flirt with? They're not all about things we consider "tantalizing." In fact, some of them are about subjects we'd never want to dwell on in our wildest imaginations.

Like our fears.

My friend Ox called me recently with an update on his wife TJ. TJ is a normally healthy mom of two rambunctious preschoolers who got a headache last week. And it hasn't gone away! Ox called to tell me about her CT Scan. They don't have the official results yet, but the techs said they didn't see anything that looked unusual.

Ox and TJ are in our Small Group and we gathered around and prayed for her on Monday night. We are concerned about her constant pain, but probably the cause is something related to muscle spasms or a pinched nerve. Still, she is being tested, which is good. What's not good is that Ox heard just today about a lady he knows -- about TJ's age -- who suddenly died of a brain tumor.

His fear is working overtime!

I understand all too well. Whatever the reason, I started worrying myself sick over meaningless symptoms when I was still in my twenties. That was about thirty years ago and I still occasionally have to re-fight the battle. I don't struggle with that fear often now, nor for very long. But I remember... I remember a doctor who told me after several needless visits that I needed to go home and quit worrying about my health. I knew he was right, but that temptation was Indescribably Delicious to my mind.

Paul, the Apostle guy, said in Philippians that we need to think on the good things. Amen! But sometimes we have to take baby steps as we are learning how.

Beth may eat a whole bag of Oreos today, but tomorrow she can cut it down to half a bag. Then, by reducing her intake a few cookies at a time, she will have conquered the temptation by Christmas (or whenever they are no longer on the shelf).

What Delicious thing do you need to overcome?


Laurie said...

Easier said then done... But very true. I myself have taken baby steps and it works well for me. I have to just keep reminding myself I am not in control.. God has his hands all over this as well.
Love ya All
As i go to enter my code I cant help but laugh about Donald's site : )

Heather said...

This is something that God has really been dealing with me on lately as well. It's one of those things that becomes so precious to you, you wish everyone else would see how amazing it could be. Focussing on the good things, the things of the Lord, taking every other thought into captivity. Especially fear and worry.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I was almost paralyzed by fear of something happening to me. I would be walking home from the train and have the most vivid 'visions' of horrible things happening to me, cars hitting me in the crosswalks, muggers stabbing me in the belly, really horrible. I had to physically stop and cry out to God about these things. He gave me this word "Fear doesn't change the outcome, it only mars the journey". He knows the end from the beginning, all we can do is rely on Him to guide us and support us through the mundane and the tragic and set our minds and hearts on Him, the one who makes ALL things good for those that put their trust in Him.

Okay, now, I know I'm preaching to the choir here. There's something about your posts, Sam that bring it out. Hmmm...I wonder what it could be.

C. Beth said...

Besides the Oreos, you mean? :-)

Well, I know it's a little hypocritical to be typing about this, but I need to work on balancing my "blog time" and the rest of my life, including my time spent with God. I know there's a balance there, where I'm not spending too much time but not limiting it in a legalistic way...just haven't found it yet.

Heather--Great comment. I struggled with fear through my last pregnancy too, as I'd just had a miscarriage before it. "Fear doesn't change the outcome, it only mars the journey." I LOVE that.

Sam said...

Laurie, thanks! Watching you and your family grow in Christ is great joy.

Heather, oh my! Thanks for sharing something so personal. Can I use that statement you received? I agree with Beth -- it's profound.

Beth, one of the signs of life development is learning to put even the good things into perspective and not let them consume us. Do you need to just sent me the Oreos so you won't have any temptation? :o) Love, Dad

J Trout said...

Focusing on good things...I couldn't agree more. Both my Father and Sister were taken far to young with cancer, I could let it haunt me every night, but I won't do it. When it's my time to be with the Good Lord, it will be my time. I know far to well that the people you leave behind do pick up and go on. It's just what you do. (my kids are nearly grown, so it's easier for me to say, but I was raised by my Mom from the age of 12). I don't mean to sound morbid, I just have accepted the fact that I will not be here forever, I just want to do my best while I am here. My son Blaine recently enlisted in the Army. I have to admit that as my boys were growing up the thought of one of my children at war was one of my greatest fears. I now know that people will do what is right for them, I can not judge, nor can I worry myself to death over it. I put my son in the hands of the Lord, I will pray, and I will hope for the best. that's all I can do.

As for Oreo's, well I think we all know the answer to that. Chocolate...gotta have it.

Thanks for listening!
Joanie Trout
Selah, WA

C. Beth said...

Joanie--What a freeing place to be in your life! I wish you could bottle that peace and sell it--even knowing the ultimate Truth doesn't make it easy to live in that knowledge.

J Trout said...

c. beth,
When my kids were small, I remember the feeling of thinking my heart might stop when I saw a bad tumble in mid air, or how I wished to bear the pain myself when my older son shut my younger sons finger in the latch of the car door. The hardest thing in the world is to see your child hurting. I'm still working on finding a peaceful place to be where my teeth aren't clenched. It's a work in progress, but I have made progress. Thanks for your comment. Oh by the way, your family pictures are beautiful.

C. Beth said...

J--Thank you!! :-D

Sam said...

Joanie and Beth, thanks for your great input. I have 2 thoughts. First, I've started believing that it's a miracle any of us reach adulthood. Second, every time I see great loss, I see the possibility of great grace.

J Trout said...

I guess you could say that it is by the Grace of God that we all made it to adulthood !!!! :)

Sandra said...

Sam -- Sometimes, like now, coming to the comments section of one of your posts is like walking into a living room where an interesting group of people are having a lively discussion. To me, that is a wonderful synergy that some blogs never achieve -- and some do almost immediately, like yours!