Saturday, November 15, 2008

Winter Wonderland

We were on the webcam with Boston Becki and the "book girl" Molly the other day. Cathy asked about their weather, since we'll be visiting them soon. "It was in the 40s today," came the reply, "but it was a pretty nice day because the sun was shining."

Ahem. Given that response, this post may seem like the pickiest complaint you hear this year. Or at least this week. But... When is it really going to get cool here in the desert?

I was visiting these parts a few years before I lived here. I remember a conversation when a newcomer to the state was asking a local how long people had to run their air conditioning in the fall. "Usually until about the end of October."

"Well then, how long before you have to turn on the heater?"

I can remember the new guy's surprise when the local said, "Usually the same day."

I've lived here 23 summers now and it's amazing how often that prediction is true. The only thing that bugs me is that "the day" hasn't yet arrived this year. Halloween it was 90 degrees. Factoring in the "wind chill" and the humidity that made it seem like -- uh -- 90! It was still warm enough at our Family Fall Festival that you could have run around in shorts and a tee shirt if you wanted. At night. After dark!

It sort of cooled for a couple of days, then warmed right back up again. Today was in the high 80s.

Some of you are probably flat angry that I'm writing this while you're battening down the hatches for the winter season. The only reason I wish the cool would hurry up is that the real heat will return all too soon. I'd like a bit of briskness beforehand.

Oh, well. Boston for Thanksgiving. With my luck, I'll take the warm temps with me.

And it will be freezing down here!


beckiwithani said...

We do the thing with the gas company where we spread out payments over the year. It helps keep away from the $400 gas bills that usually come in Dec-Jan-Feb. However, they just raised the monthly payment by $36 (more than 33% what we were paying) because they calculated that we'll need to pay a little more to stay even. My guess is that they either underestimated much natural gas prices were gonna go down (they have gone down, but not as drastically as gasoline), or they have decided it's going to be an especially cold winter. Luckily we always overbudget for utilities, so we're still techincally under budget.

So yeah, I feel really sympathetic about your weather problem there! I'm sure we won't have any problem providing you with some chill when you come to visit.

Laurie said...

I totally understand. UUmm 20 below Wisconsin 12 feet of snow VS Yuma 80 something. I will still take Yuma. Though im with you on this one, Wheres the cooler temps????

Sandra said...

I have to say that we do enjoy the wide swing we have in the four seasons here in northern Indiana, and that is one of the considerations when we think about "someday" moving somewhere warmer.

39 degrees and drizzling this morning. Good day to stay inside!

Tony E. said...

Being a Southern California native, I can totally sympathize. There are 3 seasons here in my area: Summer (Mid February - October), Windy (Parts of October, November and sometimes March) and Winter (December and January).

I'll deal with the earthquakes. Just don't give me snow and sub-freezing temperatures.

C. Beth said...

We are at the time of year when we're fluctuating between using the A/C (since we are still having some days in the 80s) and using the heater (since we are having some nights in the 30s.) We do a lot of wild fluctuating this time of year. Pretty soon it'll be cool for good...for a few short months, anyway.

Dina Maas said...

I'm in Omaha, NE and to me it feels like we did not get enough of the 60-70ish degree weather that I absolutely love in the fall. It seems like it went from the heat of summer to the cold of late fall/early winter much too quickly. The cloudy, windy, rainy days are getting rather old, but at least we haven't had snow. Bottomline, I'm trying to muster up some sympathy for your hot weather complaints, but it's just not there - ha ha. :)

Sam said...

Becki and Dina, I think the two of you win the cold weather contest today. You also confirmed my suspicions -- I have little to complain about!