Monday, December 15, 2008

But, if I really say it...

...the radio won't play it.

With apologies to Peter, Paul and Mary, we never taught our children to "lay it between the lines." (You "kids" who are reading this and who grew up hearing any and everything on the radio, check out the song: I Dig Rock And Roll Music. It's from ancient times before you were born.)

Anyway, we made a premeditated choice about how we would answer questions concerning anatomy when we raised our children. "Daddy, what's that?" The answer would always be the real name. We knew they would learn the slang words later from some other, less "saintly" kid. (Right!)

Obviously, our offspring liked the idea. At least that's what it seems from the conversation between mommy and Chickie posted yesterday on C. Beth.

Chickie, however, has nothing on her Uncle Sean. Here's the somber scene...

We were together at the home of my parents after the death of my 20-year-old sister. When "Cabby" died of a heart infection, we joined as family and friends to comfort each other. A large group of us were in the living room when Sean, age 2, needed a diaper change.

Cathy gathered the "gear" and laid him down off to the side as adults sat around visiting. I guess the moment was just too quiet for him. He, using the appropriate name, said "Sean has a _______!"

"Yes, that's right," his mother replied. Sensing her openness, he looked around the room and started announcing rather loudly, "Daddy has a _______! Grandpa has a ________! Uncle Jimmie has a ________!" By this time, Cathy had snatched him up and hurried from the room.

At least, he understood that the particular body part only belonged to males!

The wounds of sadness at that time in our lives have healed. That funny story, though, still brings laughter to family gatherings.

Do you have a story that relates? Remember, this is a family-oriented blog!


C. Beth said...

I've heard that story but it still made me laugh out loud!

Besides Chickie's ornament-making experience, I'm also amused at her openness about going potty. In Dairy Queen yesterday she had no qualms about announcing, "I have to go pee pee!" Of course, at this point my relief and pride in having a child who will do that in the potty far outweighs any embarrassment I should feel.

Liz said...

Before I read the entry, I just have to say that I've been a P,P&M fan since my childhood. In fact, the song I sing to Zach is Bobby's Song... and my daughter's infant songs were Lemon Tree and Stewball.

I dig rock n roll music
And I love to get the chance to play
(and sing it)

Sandra said...

A great story, Sam.

One time my SIL was carrying her then 2 year old son out of church because he wouldn't sit still and he shouted at the top of his lungs all the way out, "Don't beat my butt, Mom! Don't beat my butt! She had never said that to him, so he must have heard the phrase somewhere else, but she said it sounded reallllly bad and embarrassed her terribly.