Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Christmas Story

It all began with the mystery of the dropped thermostat control.

We had our Small Group Christmas party at Ox and TJ's house over the weekend. Cathy remembered to bring our electric skillet home, but forgot the cord.

Needed the cord.

Sam, the good guy errand runner stopped to retrieve the thing. (So far, I like this story -- I'm the hero!) Brought the cord home to banners unfurling and blaring trumpets. Cathy placed a wreath around my head. (Okay, all that last part is an exaggeration. Sorta.)

About 10 minutes after I got back home, Ox pulled up and jumped out of his pickup. I met him at the door and he showed me a strange looking gizmo. He said, "I looked down on my lawn and saw this thing. Picking it up, it hit me: it's the thermostat control dial from your cord."

I checked the cord. Ox saved the day! I have now become Han Solo in Return of the Jedi. Luke is the main hero, but I get the girl (Princess Cathy). Swash your light saber, Ox!

Thermostat placed back on the cord, Ox and I (with Princess C looking on) started talking about all sorts of stuff. He tells us he's headed into town to find a Christmas present for TJ. He checked on the internet and can't find one the right color.

I asked him what stores he's gonna check. He went down the short list, ending with "Sports Authority." He said he was saving it until last because he was afraid they would be more expensive. Princess C asked him how much one of those things (hush -- TJ might be reading this) would cost. "I've been seeing them for $39 bucks," replies Ox.

Knowing that Ox and TJ don't take the paper (I'm still old-fashioned; er, just old.), I asked Ox if he would like the take the Sports Authority ad which has a $10 off $50 coupon. Just in case. If the gift cost a bit more there, he could redeem the coupon. The Princess added, "And, if you find one for $39, you can spend about $10 on something else and get the $10 back!"

A short while later, my phone rang. Ox was excited! "Sam, this all happened because you dropped your thermostat control on my lawn! If you hadn't, I wouldn't have stopped by your house to return it and you wouldn't have given me the Sports Authority ad!"

"What happened, Ox?"

"I came straight to Sports Authority and they had the exact one I wanted to get. They even had ONE LEFT in the color I wanted!"

"Wow, Ox, that's great! How much is it?"

"$39 bucks!"

"All right, Ox, find something else to bring you over the $50 and get it for free with your coupon! Merry Christmas!"


C. Beth said...

Great story, but I have to admit I'm a little skeptical.

Ox...a Christmas present for your wife...from Sports Authority? This could end badly. ;)

Although it's definitely better than saying you're headed to Vacuum Cleaners "R" Us to get a gift!

I guess I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and trust that whatever the gift is, it's a winner. :-D

Sandra said...

I'm with Beth here. I don't think a gift from Sports Authority has a great ring to it. I hope his wife will be as excited about it as he obviously is!

Sam said...

Okay, you two! It just so happens that Ox is getting TJ exactly what she wants!

Ox said...

I have to defend myself here. TJ is going back to college and she wanted a Jansport backpack for her books. The style she wanted only had one option in purple. No where on the internet could I find it. I happen to find it at Sports Authority, and they had the purple one. Only one. I am Han Solo! Merry Christmas!!!!

TJ said...

And my "free gift" was a pair of fleece Crocs! I'll be sporting to school in style all because of my prince! Thanks darlin!