Thursday, December 18, 2008

Deadeye, The Dangerous Outlaw...

...had a pair of shiny guns. (Sung to the tune of "Rudolph".)

Ol' Deadeye shore can shoot them guns. He puts on quite a show. It's plumb interestin' to watch until you notice Deadeye's Bullseye. And it's you!

I felt as though Deadeye had me clean in his sights the other day. One of our ministries is struggling and word has been filtering back to me about unkind things being said. I value the ministry leader and am grieved over the struggle that leader feels. Many of Deadeye's bullets are aimed in that direction, but they hit me on the ricochet.

Somehow the whole weight of the situation started getting me down. I long ago memorized this verse...
Where no oxen are, the manger is clean, But much revenue comes by the strength of the ox.
(Proverbs 14:4 NASB)
I wrote in the margin, "Where there are no people, there are no problems. The ministry I'm talking about has plenty of people... You figure it out (smile).

In my bullet-dodging fatigue, I found it difficult to focus on important tasks and finally gave up after posting yesterday's blog. Cathy and I watched a show on television and I made a phone call to one of our leaders who is ill (which lifted my spirits).

Still praying my way through the emotional pain I was experiencing, I got up to do something in the kitchen. That's when I heard a sound outside.

Strange at first, I suddenly realized that we had a group of Christmas carollers in our front yard singing joyfully. Cathy and I stepped out and discovered people from two of our Small Groups belting songs with huge smiles on their faces.

As the music ended, they each greeted us with hugs and warm, "I love you's." They had no idea the healing oil they had just poured on my wounds!

Take that, Deadeye!

Before I leave you today, please stop by and see the new blog created by our daughter Becki. I'm an old fashioned "meat and potatoes" kind of guy, but I'm still excited to follow their adventure.


C. Beth said...

Thank you, dear carolers, for taking the time to do that!

Dad, Chickie was singing just now. It's not the most melodic sound in the world, but if you ever need cheering up, just Skype us, and she can sing for you. IF she's in the mood, you know. She doesn't always perform on command. :)

Sam said...

Rock on, Chickie!

RMc said...

I can relate to your rewriting of the proverb! Seems like ole Deadeye pops up more places than we would ever imagine doesn't he... I spose that's part of the refining process (and I still don't like it!)

Don't know what this says about me or my daughters, but they've started working on a new rendition of the tune to Rudolph - Rodney the Redneck Reverend. Something tells me they caught something from their mother as they are growing up.

C. Beth said...

RMc--I'd love to hear the lyrics to Rodney the Redneck Reverend.

My palms are getting all clami (word verification) anticipating it!