Thursday, January 15, 2009

115 In The Shade...

...And no shade to be found!

That's what our weather can be like in the summer! For most of us, even those who have lived here many years, it gets quite old.

Yes, our winter days are mostly gorgeous. The sun shines, the air is warm and dry and it's a great time to be outside.

Yes, I know that many of you are in the worst time of the year. I have read recently about the cold weather in our U.S. Midwest. I know people from Canada who describe the winter as "nice" if it's above zero.

So, here's a fun Thursday question...

What's your favorite season and why? (May you flood me with answers!)


Rachel Cotterill said...

Winter has always been my favourite season - I prefer to be cold rather than hot (though I'd prefer not...), ice and snow are so pretty, and of course there is Christmas.

Spring and summer have obvious things to love, but I've always somehow neglected autumn - a couple of years ago I promised myself to pay more attention to autumn and its own unique beauties. But it's often wet which makes it harder to get out and appreciate it.

Of course we're blessed with extremely variable weather in every season here, hence our inclination to talk about it every day :)

Scriptor Senex said...

I love all four seasons when the weather is 'seasonal'. Bright spring green sunshine. Lazy summer heat. Crisp colours of autumn. Snow and icicles. What I don't like is the damp, drippy stuff that my part of the UK has had almost year round of late.

Bring back the seasons, I say!

beckiwithani said...

I love autumn.

Because everything dies.

No, I'm not your morbid goth daughter now (I think I'd have gone through that stage about 15 years ago, if I were going to). It's just that my seasonal allergies are bad, and one good thing about living in a city with 4 real seasons (unlike Yuma!) is that stuff does not grow all year. All autumn long, my allergies get steadily better. By the end of the season, the only thing really bothering me is dust mites.

It's such a relief!

beckiwithani said...

P.S. Why not winter, then, when everything is really and truly dead?

Ask anyone who's living here this winter. It takes 2nd place as the worst since I moved here in 2000. (The very worst was '04-'05.)

C. Beth said...

Spring! The weather, the green, the wildflowers--perfect!

Liz said...

I really like all of the seasons. I don't know that I could live somewhere without a distinct winter, spring, summer, fall.

Winter: I actually like the cold and snow. I like bundling up and being outside. I like wearing sweaters and cozying up with a mug of hot cocoa. I don't so much like driving in the middle of the arrival of snow or ice... I don't like to be cold. But I like everything else.

Spring: Birth and growth and rejuvenation!!

Summer: Outside activities with my kids makes me love summertime. Going to splash parks and the zoo and all that jazz.

Fall: The colors and the arrival of cool, crisp air. Apple cider.

I like spring and fall for their transitions.

Dina said...

I also like spring and fall for their transitions. Spring, because everything is alive and new. I love the smell of the air after a fresh, Spring rain. Fall, because of the splendid colors of the leaves. I also love the slight chill in the air that gives cheeks a healthy red color and makes a cup of coffee taste extra good.

Although, during this week filled with subzero wind chills, I've been fantasizing about hot, summer days that envelope you with a 90 degree blanket the moment you step outside.

TJ said...

I love Yuma's winter. Believe it or not, after a summer of triple digits, when it gets down to the high 70's, it's time to get the winter clothes out (jeans and sweatshorts, rarely a jacket). You can always tell who's visitng for the winter in their shorts and sandals!

Isabella said...

I love all the seasons...(yes, even these days with -40 degree temperatures with windchill. I just stay inside). The only time of year I can do without is late spring/early summer. The "snowfall" of the cottonwood trees and my sinuses don't get along.

Sandra said...

One of the things I love about living in Indiana is that we experience four very definitely different seasons. And I love all four of them. It's probably the biggest reason I'm really not interested in moving somewhere warmer.

But my favorite is fall. I love the crisp air and the beautiful colors.