Friday, January 9, 2009

I Sat In a Funeral... another country. 20 miles from home. As I sat, I reflected.

This is a story about two farmers, four nations and a world of difference. One of the farmers, Scott, is the manager of a very large farming operation in our region of large farming operations.

Scott's fellow farmer -- and friend -- Jose knew something was missing in his life. Scott, an ardent Christian, saw Jose's need and told him about Christ.

After Jose received a new life (see Tuesday's edition), he told his family. His wife, two of his daughters, his dad and his mother followed him and gave their hearts to Christ, too.

Jose's dad, Jesus, died on Sunday at age 81. Jesus was a simple, hard-working man who wanted his family to do well. He offered them hope and sacrifice so they could receive education and opportunity. I sat in his funeral, all in Spanish. Even with my linguistic limitations, I could see the beautiful result of a life well-invested.

The story doesn't end there. Scott, the farmer from the United States, is making preparations to leave it all behind and move to Albania as a missionary.

Jose, the farmer from both Mexico and the U.S. (who manages a farm for a Japanese company), regularly travels to the Dominican be a short-term missionary.

These two men have spent their lives growing things. Increasingly, the seed they plant is the kind that will be harvested in eternity.

I know that many of you are followers of Christ. Even though your first instinct would be humility, could you share with us someone in the path of your life whom you want to influence toward God?


Sandy Carlson said...

You are asking who in our lives need God right? There are many on both sides of our family. Who should I mention? Well one is my sister in law "Stormi". She lives in Wellton and takes care of Rials Mom. She has 4 grown children and was married once to the father of her oldest child and her step son. The father of the other three, she lived with till he died of cancer. She admires our family and the way we live and our faith in God. But its like its great for us but not for her. Her kids as adults think just like her.

C. Beth said...

The first person that came to mind is my "Little Sister" that I mentor.

Liz said...

My husband. He is still angry with God from a moment of what he sees as unanswered prayer in a difficult and abusive childhood. I pray often that his heart will be opened up, that he will once again feel the loving God that I know. He is making baby steps.

Another would be a friend who seems to be searching and she claims to know she needs to "re-up" with God but she hasn't made the effort.

With both, I try. And I pray.

Sam said...

Thanks to each of you. I am moved by your concerns and appreciate you sharing them. Keep praying and hoping.

addhumorandfaith said...

One of my best friends and her husband left the Catholic church when the church wouldn't recognize their marriage (he'd been married before)and have held God at arm's length ever since. I pray that God will change their hearts, and continue to show me the ways He wants me to witness to them.