Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Salute

I have used Saturday reruns of my previous blog posts to give me a weekly break from the creative cost of writing. While occasionally I have brought back a page that new readers appreciate, I have discovered it's not necessarily an effective way of providing great material for your reading enjoyment. Soooooo...

I will, at least for a while, introduce you to blogs I am coming to enjoy. Like many of you, I didn't read blogs very much until I started writing one. Writing, though, has begun to introduce me to some friends from various places. And I am deeply grateful for these budding friendships. Therefore, I will -- on Saturdays -- give you a chance to read some of the words of these fascinating people.

My first pick is from Scriptor Senex. Scriptor regularly (and often with profundity) comments on Dwell & Cultivate. Please take a moment to read his profile, then read this post from but one of his blogs.

Get ready to laugh!


Scriptor Senex said...

Having been introduced as someone who sometimes 'profoundly' comments I loved the choice of posting to point to. Prior to clicking I was wondering which profund thought it would be!!!
Thanks, Sam.
All the best to you and yours.

beckiwithani said...

Great pick, Dad!

I want to give you a suggestion for a future pick. Take a look; it's really hilarious. The post on top right now (about not doing what we know is right) is excellent. And the author uses a lot of satire; I especially like this post.

Chris Bowers said...

Hey Sam, Thanks for the link! I'm on way over right now.

Sandy Carlson said...

Loved the picture on Global Warming. That's hillarious!