Thursday, March 26, 2009

Leadership In The Trenches

"I'll be Kerlin and you be Licus!"

"No! I'll be Kerlin and you be Licus!"

"No, Sissy. I was Licus last time. It's your turn to be Licus and my turn to be Kerlin."

"Okay, but next time I'm Kerlin!"
Two peas in a pod? Not quite. We were never sure where the names "Kerlin" and "Licus" (pronounced "like-us") came from. Nor why they both always wanted to be "Kerlin." Nor why, if they didn't like "Licus", they didn't just choose another name. Nor how to spell the names -- this was preschool days for our daughters.

We just know that this was the way C. Beth and beckiwithani learned to lead through negotiation.


C. Beth said...

I don't remember that pic! Great one.

"Kerlin" was our pronunciation of "Caroline." We're still not sure about "Licus." :)

beckiwithani said...

I think the fact that we didn't like "Licus" was because we just truly didn't LIKE US. We were self-haters.

Just kidding; I have no idea where "Licus" came from, but I'm pretty sure we didn't hate ourselves. Look at those smiles!