Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Leadership Lackings

He had one of those personalities that tended to instantly attract most people. He attained his first church staff job because he was comfortable in front of people. It was as if he never met a stranger.

It was the downside of his personality that held him back. He was in many ways the opposite of Sheila from yesterday. She was a perfectionist; he was too laid back. She was a complainer; he got along with everyone.


When some of his team members complained that he didn't do enough, he was hurt. But he quickly moved past it. It was the day that a key leader confronted him that stopped him in his tracks. The lady was a friend who had always supported him. What she couldn't support was his failure to do a simple task he had promised to complete. She was a wife who helped in her husband's business, a mom of three and the lay leader of a major ministry. She regularly took assignments and completed them. Why couldn't this staff member do the work he had promised to do?

Fortunately, he took her passionate confrontation to heart. Sadly lacking in organizational skills, be began to slowly learn them. Many years later he learned that the ability to organize is one of the core competencies of good leaders. Leaders don't have to be administrative geniuses but they do have to know how to take a task and "git 'er done."

I'll always remember that moment of painful change.

I am that leader.


C. Beth said...

One thing I'm really enjoying about your blog is stories like this that help me know you better, stories I haven't heard. Thanks for being so honest.

Rachel Cotterill said...

I knew it was going to be you! :)

addhumorandfaith said...

What a wonderful, humble witness.

Sam said...

Thanks, Sandy. Nice to get to know ya, daughter! Rachel, I may need to take a writing lesson from you if you picked up on me that easily. :)