Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fill My Cup

My "weekend" was a whirlwind. The week following Easter was like riding a a supersonic jet -- on the wing! I was looking forward to most of Friday off when, on Thursday evening, I was pulled into an unexpected mess. It consumed a significant amount of attention and emotion through much of Friday, then concluded with a Saturday afternoon meeting.

Cathy and I had been invited to a Passover Seder Saturday evening in the home of a church family. For about three hours we sat around their dining room table with six young adults reading, listening and remembering.

As we ate the traditional food and remembered God's faithfulness, something deep in my soul began to fill back up. I blinked back tears as we remembered Jesus the Messiah washing the feet of His disciples. I felt transported in time back to that night in an Upper Room as He gave new meaning to the bread and the Cup of Redemption.

It's as if, for three solid hours, I bathed in His loving presence.

Thank you, Jessica, Nick, Jennifer, David, Amanda and Heather for including us in your evening.

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C. Beth said...

How wonderful! I had an experience similar to that two weeks ago. I'd had a nonstop Sunday--just a busy, busy day--and ended it by going to a reflective, quiet, special service a friend had organized at her church. I was filled back up and it was so meaningful and sweet.

Love you! I'll pray for your energy as you go to work this week.