Sunday, May 3, 2009

Are You Sam?

I had just finished a breakfast honoring graduates at our church yesterday. Having loaded some things in the car for the ride home, I noticed a minivan pull in to the parking lot. The driver was someone I didn't recognize, which isn't all that unusual. Besides, a team was already on campus for a publicized Blood Drive. I figured the guy had come to donate or to help.

I walked into the office for one more chore before heading home and noticed the man from the minivan walking in -- he probably needed directions to the Blood Drive team.

"Are you Sam?" he asked as he stepped into the office.

I looked at his face and immediately realized it was a guy I had gone to college with a loooooong time ago. I haven't seen him in about 25 years. He has lost much of his hair, but I immediate recognized his eyes and his voice.

Bill and I met 40 years ago this Fall. We weren't ever really that close, but I remember that his parents came to our church when I used to pastor in Phoenix. It was about then when we lost touch.

Bill reached in his wallet to pull out a business card and I had that sinking "uh-oh" feeling. How many times over the years has an old acquaintance walked into my world to re-connect and (they hope) sell me something?

It turns out that Bill is a regional director for a company and wants to hire someone in our area. He knew I was here and looked me up for a recommendation.

Help me out on this one, reader. How do you feel when an acquaintance (or a friend) shows up from the past and you discover that their interest in you is to build their business?


Eternal Lizdom said...

With this situation... it seems to me that perhaps God had a hand in it. Somehow, Bill thought finding you would help him hire somebody. And maybe you know someone in need of a hand up like this. So maybe this is just God's way of working through you? And you get to reconnect with a friend? Or maybe you don't know yet what God's purpose is in bringing him back into your life right now.

Those are the things I think about when I'm not sure...

addhumorandfaith said...

Sam -- I had sort of half-formed in my mind what I was going to write in a comment, and then I read Eternal Lizdom's comment, and thought, "That's what I wanted to say, but much more eloquent!" So, "ditto" to her comment.

C. Beth said...

I think in this particular instance I'd think it was fantastic since so many people need jobs! I'd hope I could connect him with someone.

If he was coming trying to get me to join the latest network marketing company...I'd be frustrated.