Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sometimes...The Experts Are Right

My friend David climbed into my Ford Torino station wagon one night at the church we attended. Our destination was a few miles away -- the home of a new family who had just arrived at our church.

As we cruised along with the fast-moving traffic on a busy Phoenix street, David asked me to be quiet for a moment. No, he wasn't being rude...he was listening to a noise coming from my car. "It sounds like you may have a rear axle bearing going out," he said. Sensing my caution, he added, "It's not an immediate problem and may not actually fail for quite a while, but you should have it checked out."

"I can't hear anything wrong," I replied. He then described the noise to me and I listened again. I still couldn't hear it. I turned my head different directions and couldn't hear what he described. I opened my window and tried to hear it with more outside noise coming in. Nothing.

David was an easy-going guy. He didn't push it any further. On the other hand, he was a pretty skilled auto mechanic. I should have listened to him.

But I didn't.

A month went by and I didn't hear a noise or notice any signs of a problem. Two months passed and I pretty much forgot what David had said.

About 2 1/2 or 3 months later, we loaded our kids into our Torino station wagon and headed to New Mexico. We left Phoenix on a Sunday right after church.

It was December 24th.

To be continued...


C. Beth said...

Looking forward to it, since I guess I was young enough that I don't remember it!

Though I think I do remember the station wagon. Did David also give you the warning that it was uuuuugly? ;)

jnorris1 said...

Though I'm tempted to spoil the story for everyone, I won't. But I do remember...

Sam said...

Thank you, Beth and JN1. I, er, appreciate your comments...and your restraint!