Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stumbling Blocks...

...or stepping stones?
I laughed out loud recently when our two-year-old granddaughter told her mother: "I fusterated! I hab troubles!" After all, we know something she doesn't: she has to get through her "fusterating" twos before she can reach three. And she has to reach three before she can get her driver's license. Or vote. Or date (her daddy and I may withhold that one 'til she's 35).

She has to get through her "terrible twos." Now, think about that a minute. What difficulty did you have to get through in order to be at your current place in life?

I hope I can remember this lesson the next time I'm "fusterated and hab troubles."


C. Beth said...


addhumorandfaith said...

A perfect example, Beth.

So right, Sam. Even the things I regret in my life have been stepping stones to where and who I am today! Thanks for the reminder.