Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Best To Have A Sense Of Humor

I send an email letter each week to our church family. I write it ahead of publication, but it goes out on Thursday. Here is part of yesterday's edition...

"Cathy grew up at the edge of tornado country. The danger was serious enough that her parents built a storm cellar. They used it over the years for cool storage. But the main purpose was a place to stay safe if and when a twister came through. When Cathy was a kid, she had a few precious items ready to take with her to the cellar. Primarily, they were a Bible and a deck of cards (she loves to play table games).

As we study through the book of 1 Peter, it's obvious that difficulties (storms) are a way of life for Christ-followers."

We landed in Texas yesterday evening and were picked up by our daughter. We barely got out of the airport before we were made aware of tornadoes, hail and thunderstorms. We even had to take refuge in a parking garage for about 45 minutes.

Cathy had packed a lot of stuff...including (I'm sure) her Bible and a deck of cards.


beckiwithani said...

I always loved that story. It describes Mom better than any string of adjectives could. Although now she'd probably bring pictures of her grandkids, too.


Praise God that we each have a Place to Hide during the storms. How do people, who do not know the Lord, do it? There's just not enough words to Thank Him enough.

Sam said...

Becki, I am touched to hear your perspective on that. I want to remember the way it speaks to you. Well said!

Thanks, Chewie, and "Amen!"

addhumorandfaith said...

A bible and a deck of cards? A woman after my own heart! :)