Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Pause Button

The book of Psalms occasionally uses a mysterious little word at the end of some verses. For instance, Psalm 3:4 in the New Century Version...
"I will pray to the Lord,
and he will answer me from his holy mountain.

Those five letters -- S.e.l.a.h. -- are an instruction to stop. Pause! Think about it. Meditate.

I was trying to do that the other day when I noticed three new "Tweets" on my "Twitter" client. I tried again when my Facebook notified me of six new "Friend Updates." The third time it was my eight new emails that caught my attention.

By the time I finished with the day's seventeen blogs, I completely forgot.



Eternal Lizdom said...

I was just reading yesterday about "saturation prayer" which sounds a lot like purposeful meditation. But Selah seems to fit nicely with the idea... It's certainly difficult sometimes to find that time.

Ranelle said...

That reminds me of the trails I go down at least once a day . . .
"I'll sit down on the couch a read a chapter right after I put these stacks of laundry away. Oh, maybe these drawers could use some tidying so that the laundry will fit nicely. Bummer, why does this boy get so many holes in his socks? I just bought him six pair. Okay, let me throw the 'holey' ones away. Goodness sakes, the trash is already full. Let me quickly take the kitchen trash outside to the big trashcan. What??? More weeds? Let me get em before heading back inside. Whew, it was hot outside. I need a glass of water. Why won't the ice come out of the ice maker? Oh, it's too full on one side again. Maybe I should dump out the older ice and let it start over fresh again . . ." And it goes on!