Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Running Legs

My friend Kelly recently became my running partner. Kelly and his wife Laurie are in our Small Group and we were all talking about a race that we might enter this fall. "I need to get in shape," Kelly said. When I heard that he preferred to run in the mornings, we set a schedule.

Kelly, who felt out of shape, is still a Marine. His approximately 29 years of service to our nation makes our friendship an honor for me. Though an old guy to most of the people he leads, he still pushed my pace faster that I had been running and completed the 3-miler the first day out. That was some weeks ago.

Last week we went on a little longer run. The hill that we have been ascending each circuit just about doubled in size and we felt like we were barely putting one foot in front of the other as we neared the top. We made it, though, and kept going until we completed our miles.

Yesterday, we were back on the shorter route -- now four miles. That "half-hill" climb was almost easy. Something about the greater test which we had already accomplished made it much less daunting to face.

Which hill are you climbing today? Is it the longest and steepest of your life? Or are you able to take it easy because of what you already experienced?

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Scott said...

My mountain is not a physical mountain, but a purposeful mountain, and it's not a question of steepness at this point, but which mountain to climb.