Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thanks, Dad!

"I would rather be cheated out of a dollar than knowingly cheat someone else out of a dime."

"God is always faithful to provide for us."

"Every car that left that garage had my name behind it. I got tired of worrying whether one of the mechanics actually did the work they said they had done."



This is Father's Day number 20 since dad has been gone. But his words often ring in my ears.
"When someone hires you, they are paying for your time. Give them a fair deal."

"If you give your word, it's just as powerful as a signed document."

But the words I remember most clearly were spoken the last time I saw him, a few days before the cancer finished its painful course....

"I'll see you, son."
"Yes, dad, you will. It's twenty Father's Days closer than it was!"



Your Dad had great wisdom. You follow in his footsteps. Happy Father's Day Sam.

RMc said...

Great parting words from your Father...

C. Beth said...

Gave me tears to read this. Beautiful post.

I love you, Dad! Happy Father's Day.

Sam said...

Thanks to each of you. Chewie, I always appreciate your encouragement. Wodney, Amen! Beth, I love you back! You are a joy.