Thursday, June 18, 2009

When Does It Get Easy?

My son-in-law "The Engineer" asked me Saturday, "Do you want to get up and go for a run in the morning?"

"Sure," was my quick reply. I had gone to the gym with him earlier that day and looked forward to running outside rather than on a treadmill. I originally planned to run by myself on Monday, but this was even better. Ummm, this was even better! Do I sound convinced yet?

I know I need my head examined, but I enjoy running. So I went running with my almost-20-years-younger and a-good-4-inch-longer-legs son-in-law. Oh, did I mention that he was a cross-country runner when he was a kid? Oh, and did I mention that he just finished his first triathlon?

Like I said, I enjoy running. But this was closer to torture! It's much more humid where they live. And they live in a place with lots of hills. We live in the place where the term "flat terrain" was invented. I thought of that when we started up one of those hills. I was gasping for humid breaths. He was trotting along. Chatting.

I have run for a long, long time. I have taken years off. I have thought I would never run again. But I have been back at it for almost three years. However, I'm not sure I have ever received input from a well-coached runner.

The Engineer talked to me about breathing and about my stride. When we got back home and I recovered enough to concentrate, he reaffirmed what he told me. I thanked him. I meant it.

Yesterday, back at home in the desert, I went for a run. I told my running partner Kelly about what I had learned. I started putting the lesson into practice. When will it get easy? Probably never.

But it can get better.

Later that day, I had the chance to answer a, "When does it get easy" query about pastoring. I'll tell you that story tomorrow.

Gotta run...


Dana said...

Paul tells us about finishing the race but he doesn't give us an idea about how we'll look afterwards, does he?! :-)

Laurie said...

Yes I would like to know does it get better. If you need your head ex Sam then i should be the one to drive you there, I love to run!!!
Have a great day

RMc said...

Definitely ready for tomorrow's story Sam!!!

Dina said...

This morning as I was breathing the thick air that has rolled into Omaha in the last few days and trying to keep up with my faster friend, I reminisced of the days when a long, brisk walk did the trick. These days I seem to need to run - nothing else quite compares with the sense of accomplishment I feel after a good or even not-so-good run. Happy running!

Sam said...

Dana, that's too funny! But not so funny, 'cause you said it and you're younger than me!

Set the Dr. appointment, Laurie. Set one for Kelly, too! We all may be a bit looney-tunes!

Thanks, Rodney. We will see you here at the old field manana.

Dina, I felt for you when you were running in the snow and ice. Now I feel for you as you running in the moist summer air. You need to move to AZ! 117 will be a piece of cake for you.