Sunday, June 7, 2009

The "P" Word

Our daughter, C. Beth, seems to write a lot about poop! It has something to do with raising preschoolers. That, however, is not the "P" word to which I refer.

As I caught up with my old friend Mike last week, I was moved by a part of his story. When Mike turned 16, he immediately joined the Volunteer Fire Department in our hometown of Socorro, New Mexico. He carried that interest through the next few years and became an EMT. Then, for some reason (mostly economic, I think), he changed directions.

Years flew by and here he is at nearly threescore years having just completed a nursing degree. Why? He went back to his passion. He rediscovered through a series of events that he really wants to serve in this field.

I was reminded again of this subject when we met some new neighbors the other day. This young wife grew visibly vibrant when she talked about working as a counselor with adolescents. From my perspective, Middle-school children are a challenge (to say the least). But I know several people (including our other daughter) who love to work with them.

I'm thinking a bit this week about passion. Our church has discovered that the same people who have lackluster performance in some areas of service achieve an entirely new level of energy when they start serving according to their passion. It's amazing to watch it happen!

What is it that makes your heart race a little and causes you to easily go all out because you love doing it so much?


Eternal Lizdom said...

Music. Singing. I grew up singing and it is definitely a God blessed talent. I fell away from it afte rhaving kids but just recently joined our small music team at church. I'm now singing at least twice a week and love it. Got to sing with my daughter during communion today- hope to get video posted soon. Such an honor to sing with my baby girl as we honor God!!

Sam said...

I want to see that video when you get it out! Thanks, Liz. Sam

beckiwithani said...

I would tell you what my passion is, but you already wrote about it... :)