Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back When I Was A Kid...

Actually, back when I was a younger pastor, Vacation Bible School acted much differently than it does now. For many years, the program of VBS used the same outline year after year. Only the songs and Scripture verses changed. Kids waited outside in their groups, marched in to sit in pews, then went through a well-defined "opening assembly" of Pledges to Flags and the Bible, hymns and a missions story. Then it was off to their classes for a similarly scheduled morning that included teaching, crafts, recreation and refreshments.

Cathy and I reminisced about those days as we thought about this past week. The opening now consists of drama, video, and songs. Kids sit on the floor rather than pews. Pews would really cramp their ability to jump, dance, and do all sorts of motions to every song they sing. I don't know how much kids sit still during our 3-plus hour format. I just know that they leave every day, excited to come back for more.

The volunteer staff -- this year more than 80 of them -- are undoubtedly exhausted today. But they were still smiling on Friday!

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C. Beth said...

Sounds like it was fantastic!