Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Sometimes Wonder...

My grandmother was a Kennedy. No, not those Kennedys! (At least, I don't think so.) But there must have been something pretty powerful going on several generations ago in my Kennedy family.

At least two or three of my grandmother's nephews became pastors. Many of the others in that generation have been strong, faithful, loving local church servant-leaders. One of those pastors, Jimmy Kennedy, went to heaven yesterday.

Jimmy served churches faithfully throughout most of his adult life. It's interesting that Cathy's mother called the other night asking if we knew him. Their temporary pastor in New Mexico told them about this man named Jimmy Kennedy who had been his mentor when he was young. Cathy told her mother that we didn't just know him -- he was my cousin.

I sometimes wonder about those Kennedys. My grandmother was my closest link to what her parents must have been like.


...the older I get, the more I feel their influence upon my life.



Family history is so important and most of us just "let it slip away". Larry is a "SAR" and his history is so interesting.
You, Sam, must have come from a great family as they've passed this on to you.

Sam said...

Thanks, Chewie! I love your comments.