Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sometimes, life is doing 90...

...but my brain is standing still!

I heard about a pastor who forgot to attend a funeral. And he was the speaker! It was before cell phones were common and the church secretary couldn't find him anywhere. He wasn't doing anything wrong, but he certainly wasn't doing the right thing either.

You may be interested to know that the pastor made it through without losing his ministry. He had already been in that church for many years. When he discovered is mistake, he deeply apologized to the family. They were hurt, but they forgave him. Why?

Because he had lived faithfully through the ups and downs of the roller coaster. And he did it long enough to show himself full of integrity.

We can neither stay at the top of that metal mountain, nor let ourselves wallow in the trough of the deep valley. We must continue on the "ride" and allow our lives to touch others one good decision at a time.

By the way, I needed this story a while back. I was scheduled to pray the invocation at the grand opening of a new little league.

And I completely forgot.




I thought this story sounded familiar. Now I know why. At least your forgetting wasn't a funeral or a wedding!! (And you have a Blueberry to be textedededed on...) Good thing you "practice what you preach" on a regular basis, huh.

Michelle Vielbig said...

That's what I love about you Sam...you will admitt to us all how you have missed the mark. Somehow, it makes me feel a little better when I fall short too. It's nice to know we are all in this experience of life together!

Sam said...

Thank you both for your kind words!