Monday, August 17, 2009

The Vulnerable Little Mind

I had a conversation yesterday with a senior Border Patrol official. He told me about a speaker he recently heard. I can't begin to quote the statistics and resources the official gave me, so let me sum it up like this...

If you have small children, cut off their exposure to brutal violence in television, movies and video games. Otherwise, you are risking more than you can imagine.

I keep hearing appalling stories about parents who take their young children to R-rated, shockingly-violent movies. Please. Just don't.


Michelle Vielbig said...

I never understood why parents would do such a thing.....but I saw it a lot when I taught school. Keep pleading Sam, hopefully parents will listen.

Laurie said...

I've been a 'lurker' of you blog for months. I love reading here.

Very good advice! Very good indeed! I've seen video games that send chills down my spine.

Sam said...

Thanks, Michelle.

Laurie, you lurker you! I'm honored that you read. Thanks for your encouragement. Sam