Monday, August 31, 2009

Who do you love?

Yesterday, I talked about how easy it is to lose our way, even when what we're looking for is Now, I admit that I'm a male. You female readers know that we guys have a genetic disorder called "never-ask-for-directions-find-your-own-way." That's why God created something called a GPS (or, at least, surely inspired the creator). It's so we men can have someone tell us the direction we should go without us having to ask for it. (Wives have done that for centuries, but we won't talk about that.)

Anyway, in our church, we developed a down-to-earth, three-stop process. We encourage people to take step one. Then two. Then...well, you get it!

Step one is Love Jesus Passionately. I often give men a hard time for loving, say, football passionately. Or it could be NASCAR. Or monster trucks or ice hockey. Guys go to games and make fools of themselves, but come to church and sit stoically. "I'm not expressive," they say with a voice hoarse from last night's big contest.

Expression during worship is just one of the ways we need to love Jesus passionately. And the truth is, I have a lot of room for growth on this one. Take the following musings...

Is it my passionate love for Jesus that causes me to freak out that something isn't "just right" on my car before I leave on a trip? I don't mean something like a speck of dust on the dashboard. But certainly not anything mechanically dangerous, either.

Or, take this one. Why is it that I freak out when the internet goes down for a few hours. I mean, I feel so disconnected from my cyberworld! But I can disconnect from Jesus for days and barely notice it.

That's when, "Who do you love?" shows up to haunt me.

So. Who do YOU love?



Good point. Most of us give God a few minutes a day (if that)- really "good" people, maybe an hour a day. Sometimes a couple of hours on Sunday. WOW! Aren't we impressive!
JESUS GAVE ALL to show us His love. What do I give to show mine...?

C. Beth said...

Oh, very good! Esp. like the disconnection analogy with the Internet.

I know I really want to be more passionately in love with Jesus. I think it can only come when I'm spending regular time with him. Helps to spend time with other people who love him too.

Sam said...

Great question, Chewie!

Amen, Beth, on spending time with other people who love Him.