Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Of Ice Cream and Energy

Last night was a big date in Sampa-land. It started with La Fonda Mexican food (for mommy), had a stop-over at Target (for Grammy) and landed at Cold Stone Creamery (for Chickie, Zoodle and Sampa -- well, mommy, too; Grammy was being good).

Then the real fun began. Zoodle wanted to run so we headed out the door onto the large, outdoor mall. Zoodle discovered lights -- the spotlights shining up on the palm trees. Then he discovered more lights. He ran from one to another, pointing and saying, "Light! Light!" Then he ran to a bench, climbed up, then down and kept going.

At one place, he stopped just under some misters. You who don't live in the dry heat may have never discovered these wonders that cool the outside air with evaporation. Realizing that he was being misted, Zoodle just stopped and squealed with delight.

Chickie stopped and said, "I'm taking a shower!"

Run, giggle, "Light!" Climb, crawl, run, giggle.

We arrived home a little before 8 p.m. Zoodle was in bed and asleep within 15 minutes. Chickie was just behind him.

Sampa's eyes are drooping.

But I'm smiling!


Ranelle Tibbetts said...

I'm trying to picture you running after Zoodle. Did you? What a great time you must've had.

Cathy said...

yes, Sampa ran after Zoodle - Had to! If you looked away for very long, he was way across the plaza. Fast little booger...Grammy

C. Beth said...

I got some pictures; you should post some. :)