Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trade Tools, Part 1

How do you interpret the stuff that happens in your life? A friend recently wrote, asking for help. He told me about an acquaintance who has gone through the accidental death of his sister. The loss is severe enough to make the man question his faith. Those questions have driven the man to go out of his way to "un-convert" everyone he can.

I thought about this reaction to pain. You see, I lost a sister many years ago. The heart infection that brought on her death started when her mouth was cut up in a car accident. She was just twenty years old.

For some reason, I was never tempted to doubt God because of that storm. In fact, I had an uncanny sense that the loss would actually help me help others in the future. It did. In fact, it still does.

Why is it that the same airflow that can flatten huge trees can also lift large airplanes into the sky? The answer, you say, is simple: the plane is engineered to take advantage of it. The plane addresses the movement of the air as a "friend" that helps fulfill its purpose.

How do you address the winds that blow in your face? The answer to that question will tell you whether or not you are utilizing an essential "trade tool" for effective leadership. The contrary winds will either tear you apart or lift you up. The secret lies in your attitude.

The tough things that happen in your life will make you bitter or better.

The leader chooses the latter.


Eternal Lizdom said...

I've had many times in my life when I "should" have been angry with God or turned my back on God. But it's never been my inclination. I wrote on my own blog about my mom being soft place to fall- and God is the ultimate soft place. No matter what choices you make, He will always embrace you, lift you up, be your soft place to land when you are falling.

But you have to choose Him.

Sam said...

Thanks, Liz. It's great to hear from you!

C. Beth said...

Great, thought-provoking post, Dad. I think I tend to lean on God heavily during especially difficult times, like J's surgery. But I tend to doubt more with the everyday, less-stressful stuff. I want more connection between how I relate to God in times of more need & in times of less (obvious) need.

I love what Liz said about how God is the "ultimate soft place."

Michelle Vielbig said...

Ok, Sam....got me thinking again. I don't think I have ever been angry and lashed out at God when garbage has fallen in my life. I think I have always pondered that God counts and catches every tear that I have cried. It comforts me during crisis times. My frustration comes in when I don't feel that God is working fast enough, now. I want healing, money....whatever....NOW!! This is a battle that I will continue to work on probably for the rest of my life. Still, I would like to think my pain would lead others to God....not away from Him.