Monday, October 5, 2009

How To Know If You're Too Organized

Ranelle commented yesterday that she, at times, might be "over-organized." I was on a church staff as a young guy that was actually like that. We had so many committees that it took a "Committee on Committees" to keep them all straight. In a church of a couple hundred people, that's overkill. In fact, the pastor -- who had been there for a long time before I arrived -- confided that they had once just disbanded a whole bunch of committees and never noticed a difference!

So, how can you know if you are more organized than necessary?

1. If you can't climb out of bed without consulting your list of what to do next.

2. If you spend so much time making lists that you don't have time to do what is on them.

3. If your can't kiss your spouse goodbye if it's not on your calendar.

4. If your preschooler can't show you a picture he or she drew without an appointment.

5. If your friends give up trying to see you because you're always "too busy."

You get the idea. Now, do something about it...

...add it to a list!


C. Beth said...

Great examples!

I don't think I'm usually over-organized. But I do notice when my life is extra-stressful, I become more of control freak about organization.

Ranelle Tibbetts said...

Thankfully, I don't quite hit the mark on those examples, but I do feel very disappointed in myself if I don't accomplish my daily tasks. I don't think that is healthy and I need to work on that. Great examples . . . I"ll add them to my lists - heehee!

Joyce said...

At the top of my LIST is. Get organized. Haven't made it yet but I'm working on it.