Thursday, October 29, 2009

In Honor of October 31st

Use your imagination. What if King Kong wore a wedding ring?

If he did, I don't know if he received if from the blonde in the movie.

If he did, the circumference would be large enough to fit his finger. But perhaps the thickness would be more the size of a Bic pen.

If he did, he lost it. On the entry street to the college near my house.

If he did and he lost it there, I found it yesterday morning.

As I was running.

In the dark.

When I stepped into it with one foot.

Then it flipped up and married my other foot at the same time.

I was running at a pretty good clip.


...splat on the asphalt.

Thanks, King Kong. :(



ooohhhhhhhh Poor Sam! Hope you didn't get hurt to badly. You have such a great imagination. I love it.
(Hope Cathy is doing well)

Ranelle Tibbetts said...

Did you really step on something that caused you to fall on one of your runs?

Sam said...

Thanks, Chewie. And Cathy is doing much better.

Yes, Ranelle, my "road rash" says it's true. Yesterday.

C. Beth said...


Dina said...

Ouch! But, thanks for the funny mental image. Sounds like something that would happen to me, but I'm glad it hasn't...yet. LOL

addhumorandfaith said...

A fun story, Sam. Sorry it had to have a painful ending! :)