Friday, October 9, 2009

You do some of my best writing!

That's exactly what I felt as I read yesterday's comments. In addition, I got great input via email from my old friend Michael. To top it all off, my wife Cathy sent me an email exchange in which she was apologizing for her interference with a volunteer she had recruited and trained. All good stuff!

Therefore, I will make this very simple. You tell me what you believe about the people you work with and I will tell you your potential for success or failure. Many years ago, the president of a major hotel chain said something like this: "99% of workers want to succeed. If they don't, it says more about their leaders than it does about them."

Trade Tool 1: Attitude

Trade Tool 2: Organization

Trade Tool 3: People-skills

Get 'em in your tool belt. Keep them sharp. Use them constantly. Your leadership effectiveness will grow and grow!

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