Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti: Shifting Gears

It seems that the ministry to Haiti is beginning to shift gears. The Dominican Baptist Convention has taken the lead to put "boots on the ground" and develop ongoing ministry to help with recovery and rebuilding. They are working through one or two churches in the Port Au Prince area. I'm sure that they will develop more partnerships in the days to come.

As they begin to take action, we have the privilege of continued prayer and giving support. It's very possible that the Stone Ridge spring mission trip will be diverted -- at least in part -- to help with the Haiti efforts. In the meantime, we hear of others who are giving and going. One of our (Cathy's and my) nephews left this morning to help with work through and orphanage down there. Paul is a pastor in Idaho and we appreciate your prayers for their team as they go.

I videoed a message this morning to Caveland Baptist Church in Kentucky. One of our Dominican partner churches, they are receiving an offering this week for the work. Other churches have already been giving. An RV Park here in Yuma has winter services and took up a generous offering last Sunday.

Last night I received two requests which I have passed on to the DR, hoping to find help. One was for the Grandfather of a student whom my daughter in Massachusetts teaches. The man has kidney failure and can't get dialysis because of the quake. He survived the earthquake but may not survive without dialysis. Another request was for translation of a Gospel tract into Creole -- it will be used by a team that is going. Please pray for these two needs.

I was praying with some men the other night and one of them admitted, "Lord, I confess that I grew tired of hearing about Haiti on the news. Please forgive and help me remember that this need is great." Perhaps his words echo your heart.

The people of Haiti don't have the privilege of saying, "Let's move on to something else."

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