Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Haitian Border

This morning the team of missions leaders arrived in the Dominican city of Jimani on the border with Haiti. They discovered that helicopters are shuttling the injured out of Haiti and into hospitals on the DR side of the border. The two hospitals in Jimani are full and have been unable to perform surgeries because they don't have anesthesiologists.

A Dominican pastor in Santiago is also an M.D. He got the call and has gone to the University in Santiago to recruit qualified anesthesiologists who can rush there to help with surgeries. If he can get them, it will be at least a six hour drive unless someone provides air transport. Please pray.

The DR is also becoming a staging area for aircraft with supplies to prepare for the flight into Port Au Prince. They can be refueled there and the flight into Haiti is very short from there.

Barry Burnett and the former Haitian missionary are traveling with Barry's pastor from Santiago and with a Lutheran pastor and a Lutheran leader from Santiago. They are about to cross the border and have asked that we pray.

Gasoline in Haiti is $4.00 per liter. That's almost $16.00 per gallon. Stations with gas are under armed guard to thwart attempts to steal it.

They have asked that we keep praying!

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