Thursday, January 14, 2010

Message From Stone Ridge MemberTammy Pal

January 14 at 7:59pm

Hi Sam,

I talked with Caleb again today. He is traveling to the DR with a group of doctors from Huntsville who are part of "Doctors Without Borders". They will be working at a clinic in the DR that is close to the Haitian border. Apparently last night there were 1800 people waiting in line at the clinic. He is traveling with one large satellite system and they have shipped 4 others down for him to set up, with which to provide communications and computer networks for the doctors and staff.

It's a start. When the border opens they will probably be inundated.

We are praying that the Holy Spirit will sweep over that island, that the occultic strongholds will be vanquished and that the hopeless will find salvation in Jesus. Tonight on the news they showed a group of Haitians singing and even though we couldn't tell what the words were, the tune was, "You are my all in all". YES!!!!!

Thanks for relaying the information. We are praying for our brothers and sisters in the DR who are on the front lines.


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Eternal Lizdom said...

I've taken comfort in hearing and seeing how many are praying in the streets.