Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Planning Begins

Tonight, this came in from Sonia Burnett...

Barry and team are on their way comes the planning. Thanks for all your prayers and support. Barry said he did not feel like he was in danger at any time so praise God for that. Our sermon in church today was on Ps. 71 - A timely message for the Dominican community who are both scared and impacted by what happened in Haiti.

This morning, I was both encouraged and broken-hearted. The encouragement came when we were able to work with Sonia and seek a way to help a Haitian orphanage get drinking water for their kids.

The discouragement came from news reports of literal chaos as supplies were distributed. Our teams in the DR have visited Haitian villages there and brought candy for the kids. Just candy can almost start a riot. I understood what it must be like for relief workers to bring food and water to people who have gone without for days.

I was struck by the following thought...

Q: What do you do when you are facing a literal ocean of need?

A: Grab the biggest bucket you can get and start bailing!

The ocean is overwhelming right now and our buckets seem small. Please pray and give.

I closed my day with the receipt of the following email from a young lady in our church...

I have really been struggling with the disaster in Haiti. I have donated and prayed as much as I can but I can't help but feel there is more that I can do. Today in your sermon you mentioned that the church might send a team down soon and I was hoping that I might be able to join that team. I know you don't have much information on what will be needed or when everyone would be able to go, but as soon as you get more information I would love to be informed.

I am currently in nursing school. I know I'm not a nurse yet or a doctor but I do feel that I could help medically in Haiti if I had the chance. If I am not able to go, I would love to still help send some medical supplies down that I know would be needed.

God has opened my heart so much to all of the people and families in Haiti and I would just love to help however I can. I will keep praying and donating what I can.

She wants to take one more step. She is praying. She is giving. She wants to GO!

We are awaiting word and will make those decisions as we hear from Barry Burnett and Pastor Manolo. Does God want you to go, too?

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