Friday, January 15, 2010

Second Dominican Team To Haiti

I have just received another update from the DR. The churches in the North (our basic partnership is in Puerto Plata, in the North) are sending a small team to the northern border crossing into Haiti. They, like the team in the South, will attempt to cross and assess the best ways to help. Here are their prayer requests...

1. God's favor to be able to cross.

2. God's protection for them. They have received word that a missionary from Brazil was robbed and killed inside Haiti.

3. God's wisdom as they go. They must take everything they need with them. There is no food, water or lodging available.

The Red Cross in the DR is warning all those who attempt to cross that NOTHING is available inside Haiti. All must be carried in.

Pastor Manolo is being inundated by calls from the U.S. with requests to stage missions teams who want to help. He said, "If a team of fifty goes in for a week, they must take all their food, water, and other necessities with them."

You can imagine the task. Please continue to pray!


RMc said...

Thanks for keeping us up on what's happening with Manolo and Wilme and Patricio. Knowing them and their hearts for people makes mine hurt for them. "Tranquilo" they say, because they know Him and that He will provide.

You asked me a question not too long ago and I didn't have the answer then... Now I do - to glorify God in everything. That has been my prayer for Haiti, that He would glorify Himself through it all.

Sam said...

Good word. Thanks, Rodney!