Monday, January 18, 2010

Situation Inside Haiti

On Sunday, Barry Burnett and a small team traveled from Jimani, DR into Port Au Prince for the second straight day. They met with a Port Au Prince pastor who has worked to find out the status of everyone in their church. Sadly, sixteen of their church family were killed.

The Dominican worshiped, gathered information and drove back to Jimani. They discovered that many people have been fleeing the capital because, at least for the moment, more food and water are available in the rural areas.

A growing concern is that many people were wounded in the quake and quickly received bandages for the wounds, but medical supplies were exhausted. This means that they have been untreated for many days, greatly increasing the risk of infection.

In Jimani on Saturday night, Barry's pastor (who is also an M.D.), was preparing to do amputations for people who had been evacuated there by helicopter. Though exhausted, he prepared to do whatever was necessary. Late in the day, four small buses arrived at the hospital carrying a large medical team from Puerto Rico. One bus contained only medical supplies. The team had traveled to another place and discovered it was not equipped to handle them. Someone told them about this hospital in Jimani and they arrived, fresh and ready to work, just in time. Barry's pastor took some much needed rest!

Recalling the above incident, Barry mentioned how much they are seeing the results of prayer. Please, keep praying!

On a personal note, the father of Barry's sister-in-law (Claudia) passed away last night in Brazil. The Burnett family had known this man for many years. Barry's relationship with him was such that Barry called him "Uncle." They have requested prayer for Bret and Claudia and all their family.


Rachel Cotterill said...

Thanks for keeping us all updated, Sam.

Sam said...

You're welcome, Rachel C. Have you heard anything from the orphanage that needs drinking water?

Eternal Lizdom said...

Thank you for updating. I look forward to reading what you find out. I have found a few blogs of missionaries and others on the ground in Haiti and have added links to a special section on my blog. I want to remind those bloggers every day that I, and many others, are praying for them.

Sam said...

Thanks, Liz, for your work on this. Your prayers are needed and you are using your blog as a bucket to attack that ocean of need!