Saturday, January 16, 2010

Surgeries Through The Night

This came in from Sonia Burnett a couple hours ago...

Tonight they are staying in Jimani at the Good Samaritan Hospital complex but they will not be sleeping. There will be 25 amputations tonight on people just flown in today. Our pastor, Pedro Juan, who is with Barry is a doctor and will be busy throughout the night. Barry is going to help organize their central supply tonight.

The desperate need is money for meds. These people have had exposed fractures for 4 days and no antibiotics so that is one of the main expenses. Barry will come back tomorrow but probably go back on Tuesday for several days to help with the administration of the center. There is only one man there right now and he is exhausted.

From the North...

Our friend, Pastor Patricio has been unable to get across the border in Dajabon. He will try again on Monday. His wife's family is in Port Au Prince and they haven't heard from any of them. Please pray.

From Pastor Manolo...

The Dominican Baptist leadership will meet again on Wednesday morning. At that time, they hope to have adequate information to let us know what kinds of help they need and how to deploy.

Please keep praying.

Please give! If your church wants to give through the Dominican Baptist Convention, they can send it through Stone Ridge Church. We have been in a partnership with them for several years and their integrity has been impeccable.

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Rachel Cotterill said...

I just read this ( I wondered if any of the people you're in contact with were aware of this, and their need for water... you're the only person I know of with contacts out there.