Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Always In The Bulls-Eye

As part of Sunday's sermon, I did a quick overview of the Old Testament's Esther. At Small Group on Monday night, two different group members told me they had gone home after the sermon and read the book. It was new territory for them both. And they both showed up at our group with the same question.

"Why do people always want to hurt the Jews?"

Why, indeed! From the day when a Pharaoh arose in Egypt who knew not Joseph (Exodus 1:8) through the battles with the Philistines and their giant Goliath. From the desperate attempt of Haman (Esther) to wipe them from the earth to a similar diabolical plan executed by Hitler. Now it's Iran who is promising their total destruction.

For centuries, the kings of the earth have looked lustingly at Jerusalem. And the Jews have seemed to always, in one way or another, be the obstacle that must be removed.

Always in the bulls-eye.

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