Sunday, May 16, 2010

Breakfast For The Select

Inhale. Smell the hot aroma of eggs, melted cheese, green chili and bacon. It has to be some of the world's best breakfast casserole. Accompany it with bagels and chase it with a mixture of yogurt, berries and granola. Wash it all down with juice and coffee. Mmmmmmm.

No, this hasn't morphed into a cooking blog. I barely know how to boil water. Instead, it's this morning's breakfast. But you have to be invited.

You see, Cathy got the idea over 25 years ago that we should do something for graduates at this time of year. Initially, we bought little gifts, cooked food and invited graduates and their families over to our house for "Graduation Breakfast." 24 years ago we relocated to Yuma and Cathy kept up the tradition.

Graduation Breakfast brings us great joy. We watch transitions in the lives of young people and their families. We have often seen them graduate from Middle School/Junior High then (it seems) blink twice and they are back as they conclude High School. Some of them have been here when they graduate from college, also. The awkwardness of kids entering adolescence matures into the focus of young adults ready to make their mark on life.

The biggest downside over the past few years is also one of the greatest blessings. Tammy, who leads our Student Ministries, is doing such a great job that we had to relocate to the church campus to accommodate the large number of grads.

We should still have enough breakfast casserole, though.


C. Beth said...

I love that you still do this! I didn't realize we started it in Phoenix. I always enjoyed the grad breakfasts.

Ranelle said...

How fun to watch them all grow up. I know that Corinne was one of those you all celebrated. Wish we could've been there to celebrate Christina's graduation because you know that our half-dozen tibbetts clan would've been at the table giving Cathy a run for her money. said...

and that is it isn't it, when I move toward " God's calling for me " it leaves me with a sense of accomplishment as nothing else ever has.

addhumorandfaith said...

What a great tradition! I love this idea. And what a wonderful problem to have that so many come that you had to move to a larger space!

You and Cathy are a great combo.