Monday, January 21, 2013

Running or Rusted?

The old Jeep has sat there since I was a little boy. It has occupied the same fixed position on my grandparents' homestead ranch for decades. What once was a lively, powerful mode of transportation has degenerated into a decaying pile of rust. As kids, we played on it, pretending to drive on imaginary adventures. In that sense, it has fulfilled a purpose...but not the purpose it was designed for. You see, that old Jeep was once new. In a factory somewhere, people were putting the parts together with the knowledge that it would roll out the door and into the world of challenging hills and valleys. It was designed to meet those challenges and it did...until it didn't anymore.

The sad truth is that I have known many Christ-followers who ended their lives like that Jeep. Designed and built by the Master Designer/Craftsman, they started out with great hope to meet the hills and valleys of life. Something happened, though, and they ran out of spiritual fuel. With their engine no longer running and their gears no longer shifting, they stopped, doomed to rust in place. What a tragedy!

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