Monday, March 25, 2013

Choose Love!

Cathy and I recently watched a documentary in which a gang chieftain encountered the love of God. This man seemed to acknowledge the power of God, but couldn't get it that God would deeply love him. In a conversation, it came out the the gang leader's daughter was about to be released from prison. His love for his daughter and his desire that she get her life together was evidenced by his tears. That's when someone told him, "Think about your love for your daughter. God loves you like that!" A few minutes later, the gang chief was praying to give his heart to Jesus.


How much does God love you? How much does He love your neighbor or your friend or your family member? More than we can imagine. The message of Easter is that God "so LOVED that He GAVE His only Son." Father God wanted a relationship with us that much. Jesus wanted it so badly that He willingly paid the price for it. The Holy Spirit constantly pleads with the hearts of unbelievers to CHOOSE LOVE.


My prayer for us this week is that we will CHOOSE LOVE by demonstrating God's kindness to those around us. We can follow that with a simple invitation to an Easter service. How many of them will "get" the reality of God's love? How many of them might CHOOSE LOVE this weekend and accept God's invitation of a relationship with Him?


Hang on. God is moving and lives are changing!

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