Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Delivered From Dark Places

I'm sure it was more than a little scary for that group of female college students as they realized that they were several miles down in the Grand Canyon with the sun setting and a cold night creeping in upon them. One of them had a leg injury and the others were trying to maintain her courage. They had no food, no camping gear and no lights to see the darkening trail. They needed someone to assist them and to lead them out.

I remember that night. I was one of the guys on that trip who had decided not to "hike the Canyon" that day. I had been there before so I pretty much hung out near the top of the rim, watching classmates come and go. Now, because a few of us were fresh without a long journey behind us, we were asked to be the "rescue party." We departed in the gathering darkness, armed with flashlights, some provisions and the makings of a stretcher. Thinking back on that night, our little team of guys became like shepherds who helped the sheep get out of a dark place.

Many years have passed since then. If I have learned anything, it's that people are still getting stuck in dark places. Indeed, we are like sheep who have gone astray (Isaiah 53), each going our own way with a desperate need for a Shepherd to set us free. That's really the message of Easter, isn't it?

The Shepherd...

...became the Lamb... that we can experience the Resurrection and the Life!


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