Monday, June 10, 2013

Creator's Rights

I was typing a long email recently when I needed to leave the mail app I use in my iPad and go to something else. When I returned, I somehow lost the email I was working on. It wasn't in a "drafts" folder or the trash. I hadn't inadvertently sent it. I was just...gone! I had to start over from the beginning. I wasn't happy that I had carefully worded several lengthy paragraphs only to have my tablet computer snuff them out. They were MY words and the iPad had no right to treat them that way! (I learned from the experience; I'm typing this in a different app that isn't prone to deleting my work.)

I have a completely different attitude about it when I delete my own words, sentences or paragraphs. I will frequently read back over something I wrote and decide to wipe it out and restate it. The very fact that I do this is something that you would expect. I write the words so I get to choose whether I keep them or not.

All of this leads to a question I have for you and it's this: "Since God created us, does He have the right to do with us whatever He pleases?" That's a question we must ask and answer to fully grasp the words of the prophet Joel. Find out more this weekend at Stone Ridge. If you miss it live, be sure to catch us via podcast either at our website on on iTunes under Stone Ridge Sermons.


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