Monday, May 27, 2013

Crying For Relief

Last Thanksgiving I discovered something much more powerful than a huge turkey dinner. Cathy and I returned to Yuma from Phoenix that morning. It was ten days after my surgery for prostate cancer. We had looked forward to this homecoming and to Thanksgiving dinner with some of our closest friends. My appetite was just returning following surgery and I couldn't wait to awaken my taste buds with succulent turkey...dressing...potatoes...and pumpkin pie. (You get the picture!)

​On the road home I was struck with intense pain as I went to the bathroom. Thinking it was something that would pass, we got back on the highway to Yuma. Instead of diminishing, the pain kept getting worse. By the time we got home, I was crying out in agony. We ended up spending Thanksgiving afternoon and evening in the ER and I DIDN'T CARE! Finding some way to deal with that pain meant far more to me than a mouth-watering dinner.

​We never found out the exact source of my agony. One friend suggested that it might have been a kidney stone. I have never had one of those, but I have watched friends walk through the experience and it makes sense. Regardless of the source, I will never forget that the idea of a great meal (and I LOVE good food!) pales when the body is screaming for relief.

When things get dark enough, we will be willing to do just about anything for a little light. But, is there anything we CAN do? Join us this weekend to find out. If you can't be there, find the podcast here or at iTunes under "Stone Ridge Sermons."