Monday, January 20, 2014

40 Days for Life Change

Something in me deeply believes something about you. I deeply believe that you would make some changes in your life and that you would make those changes every day for 40 days if you KNEW that they could change your life long-term.

Perhaps you have wanted to start reading the Bible every day, but you find yourself getting bogged down. One reason you get bogged down is that the Bible is such a large volume and, let's face it, sometimes it just doesn't make sense to you. If, in 40 days, you could get significantly more understanding and insight from the Bible and you knew this would change your life, would you give 40 days? I think you would!

You might be a person who wants to develop your prayer life, but you must admit to yourself that your prayers are far too infrequent and God seems to be way far off. If 40 days of encouragement from friends and practical tips on how to pray could change your prayer life from now on, would you do it? I believe so!

If you could invest 40 days, not to change your own life, but to help a friend change theirs, would you do it? I'm certain you would!

You might not change from a couch potato to an Iron Man champion in 40 days, but you CAN change to an "ex-couch potato." You can change from a television addict to a book reader in 40 days if that is your goal. Your 40 days transformation can be many things, but those days will be but the beginning of bigger changes to come.

But, why 40 days? Why not 50 or 30 or 12? For some reason, God established 40 days as a period during which we can experience significant transformation. Want to see the various 40-day transformations that took place in the Bible? Go check this website out. It's pretty amazing.

On the first weekend of February, Stone Ridge Church will begin 40 Days in the Word. I am challenging our church to.

1. Attend worship each week and we will study together. Can't attend? You can catch our podcasts here.

2. Join a 40 Days Small Group. Sign up this weekend.

3. Do the 40 Days Devotional. Sign up here.

4. Memorize the weekly verses.

5. Bring a friend with you. Be a part of their transformation.

We are about the reach the starting line. I invite my readers to join us in this life-changing season!


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