Monday, February 15, 2016

Take A Minute

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Last week, I told you about a way we are encouraging our Stone Ridge Church family to personally reach the broken. Take A Minute happens when we pray daily, asking God to give us open eyes, open ears and an open heart to see the hurts that are right in front of us.  When we notice them, we are to simply do whatever the Holy Spirit prompts us to do.

I am working a shorter schedule this week so I can play with my grandkids. Therefore, I want to share with you a Take A Minute story that happened with one of my friends recently. I shared it last weekend at Stone Ridge, but it was a holiday and many were gone. I think you will enjoy it!

“I took a minute the other day when I was getting fuel for my truck. I pulled in behind a young couple who were getting out of their car. I inserted my card, started the fuel, then noticed the couple standing there face to face. She had a dollar in one hand and was taking change from the guy’s hand.
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“At this gas station, you can get any size coke for 95 cents. I left the nozzle in my tank to fill it up and went inside to get a Diet Coke. When I went to pay with my drink in one hand and a dollar in the other, the young lady I had seen outside was saying to the cashier: ‘Pump four, $2.63 please.’ She then walked away.

“I sat my Coke on the counter, put the dollar back in my pocket and took out a $20 bill. Handing the twenty to the cashier, I said, ‘This is for my Coke; put the rest on pump four. And, by the way, if by chance they ask, tell them it’s from heaven and they should pass it on.’

“I walked to my truck just as the pump clicked off. I looked over and saw the young man put the nozzle in his tank and start pumping gas. The young lady standing beside him was holding his arm and looking for the pump to shut off at $2.63. I was washing the bugs off my windshield and noticed the girl frantically signaling the young man to STOP! They talked for a moment and she went in the station. Soon she came running out waving her hands, hugged the young man and said something to him. He started pumping again.

“With anticipation on their faces, they kept watching as the pump numbers whizzed by. When it stopped, the young man put the nozzle back and they stood there, hugging and rocking back and forth with tears in their eyes. 

“I had tears in my eyes, too, as I finished washing the bugs from my windshield. They never noticed I was there, but that didn’t matter. I got to thank God for His goodness and the reminder that all I have belongs to Him. I’m just the manager."

All kinds of people I know are having Take A Minute stories. These events release untold joy to those who experience them and I hope you get to hear more of them. Better yet, Take A Minute and experience your own!

According to Jesus, it costs something to be Take A Minute people. Those who weigh the cost and pay the price are the happiest people on earth. That’s our topic this weekend at Stone Ridge Church and I can’t wait to talk with you about it. Can’t be there? Catch the podcast!

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